CHEN He,LU Xiao-He.Progress on the mechanisms of corneal neovascularization in different clinical backgrounds[J].Recent Advances in Ophthalmology,2019,39(4):394-397.[doi:10.13389/j.cnki.rao.2019.0090]





Progress on the mechanisms of corneal neovascularization in different clinical backgrounds
510280 广东省广州市,南方医科大学珠江医院眼科
Department of Ophthalmology,Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University,Guangzhou 510280,Guangdong Province,China
ocular neovascular diseasecorneal neovascularizationcorneal transplantationlimbal stem cell deficiencycontact lens-related diseaseherpes simplex keratitis
Corneal neovascularization (CNV) is a common pathology and occurs in different corneal diseases.It can breach corneal immune privilege,accelerate inflammation and compromise visual acuity.The leading factor that causes CNV is different in various diseases,for example,the host’s immune response in corneal transplantation,the maintainability and differentiation of stem cells in limbal stem cell deficiency,hypoxia in contact lens-related disease,virus infection in herpes simplex keratitis.Exploration and understanding of the mechanisms of CNV in different diseases will help us develop more targeted measures for prevention and treatment.This article aims to review the mechanisms of CNV in several main diseases.


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