WANG Xuemei,QU Chao.Recent advances in pathogenesis and treatment of optic nerve injury in glaucoma[J].Recent Advances in Ophthalmology,2024,44(7):572-577.[doi:10.13389/j.cnki.rao.2024.0110]





Recent advances in pathogenesis and treatment of optic nerve injury in glaucoma
646000 四川省泸州市,西南医科大学附属医院眼科
WANG XuemeiQU Chao
Department of Ophthalmology,the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University,Luzhou 646000,Sichuan Province,China
glaucoma retinal ganglion cells ferroptosis autophagy
青光眼是以进行性视野缺损为特征的致盲性眼病,由于疾病导致视网膜神经节细胞(RGCs)不可逆及非选择性死亡,使得如何恢复青光眼患者受损的视功能成为一项世界性难题。传统观点认为,病理性眼压升高是视神经损伤的主要机制,但尚不能解释正常眼压性青光眼患者的RGCs 及视神经损伤,控制眼压也不能逆转已有的视功能障碍。近年来,对于青光眼患者RGCs 及视神经损伤的发病机制研究更加广泛深入,主要集中在对RGCs 非凋亡性死亡、局部胶质细胞活化、神经递质毒性以及线粒体功能障碍等的研究,也从不同角度提出了诸多RGCs 的保护性干预措施。本文综述了青光眼视神经损伤机制及相关治疗研究的最新进展,为进一步研究如何预防及治疗青光眼视神经损伤提供理论依据。
Glaucoma is a blinding eye disease characterized by progressive visual field defects. It poses a significant challenge worldwide because of the irreversible and non-selective death of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) it causes, resulting in impaired visual function. The traditional belief is that pathological elevation of intraocular pressure (IOP) is the primary mechanism of optic nerve injury. However, this explanation doesn’t account for the damage to RGCs and the optic nerve in glaucoma patients with normal IOP. Additionally, controlling IOP cannot reverse preexisting visual dysfunction. In recent years, extensive research has delved into the pathogenesis of damage to RGCs and the optic nerve in glaucoma patients, focusing on non-apoptotic RGCs death, local activation of glial cells, neurotransmitter toxicity, and mitochondrial dysfunction. Based on these, numerous protective interventions for RGCs have been proposed. This article summarizes the latest progress of research on the mechanism of glaucomatous optic nerve injury and related treatments, providing a theoretical basis for further research on how to prevent and treat glaucomatous optic nerve injury.


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[10]张海涛 杨玉新 毛永 丁晓丽 秦海霞 梁长华 郭英昌.青光眼与非炎症性缺血型视神经病变的傅立叶OCT扫描视神经形态学对比[J].眼科新进展,2013,33(8):000.


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