GU Huaxiang,CHENG Yan,LI Pengfei,et al.Advances in the role of stem cells in tear film-oriented therapy for dry eye[J].Recent Advances in Ophthalmology,2023,43(11):903-906.[doi:10.13389/j.cnki.rao.2023.0181]





Advances in the role of stem cells in tear film-oriented therapy for dry eye
226001 江苏省南通市,南通大学医学院,南通大学附属医院眼科
GU HuaxiangCHENG YanLI PengfeiZHANG GuoweiJI MinGUAN Huaijin
Medical School of Nantong University,Department of Ophthalmology,the Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University,Nantong 226001,Jiangsu Province,China
dry eye tear film stem cell
Dry eye (DE) is a multifactorial chronic disease characterized by tear film instability, often accompanied by dryness, foreign body sensation, blurred vision and visual fatigue. Moderate to severe DE can lead to ocular surface damage and visual impairment. At present, DE is mainly treated according to symptoms, for example, with artificial tear replacement. In recent years, a lot of research has been made to find new DE therapies, which are expected to repair the structure and function of damaged exocrine glands, such as lacrimal glands, accessory lacrimal glands, meibomian glands and conjunctival goblet cells, promote the secretion of tear, and maintain the stability of tear films. Due to their pluripotent differentiation, stem cells have become important seed cells in the field of regenerative medicine. Human eyes are unique in structure and physiological function; thus, eye tissue regeneration is of the most concern in the field of regenerative medicine. This article reviews the latest research on the role of stem cells in DE regenerative therapy.


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